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Moving on from 11 to 12.5

There, it's done... I have made my final move to the full version of DaVinci Resolve 12.5

So then, what's new... Let's take a look at some of the new features.

Edit Improvements

  • Improved 2-up and 4-up, multicam and playback performance when using QuickTime ProRes on Windows

  • Added menu items to allow selection of clips based on Flag, Marker and Clip colors on the edit timeline

  • Added ability to import and export duration markers using EDL

  • Added the ability for clips to snap to their own markers when adjusting In and Out points

  • Improved consistency of edit functions when Timeline is in full screen mode

  • Added support for box wipe mode for offline reference wipe

Colour Improvements

  • Improved performance for Spatial Noise reduction in Better mode

  • Improved listing of attached and timeline mattes in the node graph with support for alphabetical listing

  • Added ability to apply grades from a reference wipe using the viewer context menu

  • Added ability to align keyframe timelines of color grades using playhead position and wiped still frame

  • Next node and previous node operations now loop around the node graph

  • The ‘displayed’ node graph now automatically updates when the current still is changed

  • Swapping nodes now also swaps the node labels

  • Shift Up + Next Still will now append grade from the current still on the advanced control panel (Studio version)

  • Added support for left eye and right eye grades for the timeline node graph (Studio version)

  • Added ability to convert a mono timeline into stereoscopic 3D (Studio version)

  • Added ability to convert a mono clip into stereoscopic 3D (Studio version)

  • Added support for sequence and node render caching for stereoscopic clips and timelines (Studio version)

  • Added compensation for stereoscopic slip when exporting timecodes in ALE (Studio version)

  • Added support copying DolbyVision grades using stills and middle click (Studio version)

  • Improved 3D and Qualifier panel layout in dual screen mode

  • Improved behavior to stay on the same frame when joining two clips

Resolve FX Improvements

  • Added ResolveFX Generate Color (GPU accelerated)

  • Added ResolveFX Tilt-shift Blur

  • Added support for anamorphism in ResolveFX Lens Blur (Studio version)

  • GPU acceleration support for ResolveFX Lens Flare (Studio version)

  • Ability to adjust Shadows/Midtones/Highlights in ResolveFX Film Grain in all compositing modes (Studio version)

  • GPU acceleration support for ResolveFX Emboss, Waviness, Vortex, Ripples, Dent, Mirror

  • Improved ResolveFX Scanlines and added various composite modes

  • Ability to view the ResolveFX Scanline layer without the background

  • Improved border behavior for ResolveFX Gaussian Blur, Directional Blur, Mosaic Blur, Radial Blur and Zoom Blur

  • Added support for horizontal/vertical ratio in ResolveFX Glow

  • Added support for pan and tilt on ResolveFX Prism Blur

  • Improved performance for ResolveFX Light Rays

  • Improved performance for ResolveFX JPEG Damage

Media Improvements

  • Added new Import Media options to File menu and Media Pool context menu

  • Added support for stereoscopic 3D clips in Media Management (Studio version)

  • Added ability to create stereo clips with mismatched source resolution (Studio version)

  • Added support for display drive names in Media Storage on Windows

  • Addressed issues with open file location from Media Pool on Linux

  • Added Source Name tag support for filename without extension

Codec & Format Improvements

  • Adds direct support for ProRes decode on Windows so that QuickTime 7 is no longer required

  • Improved .mov decode and encode performance on Windows

  • Support for UHD H.264 renders on Windows

  • Improved .mov decode and encode performance on Linux

  • Added support for HEVC (H.265) decode on Linux

  • Added support for alpha channel on DNxHR 444

  • Added support for the Sony X-OCN format

  • Added support for various AAC encode parameters on macOS

  • Added support for QuickTime AAC audio encoding on Windows

  • Added support for V-Gamut in RCM for improved Panasonic camera image handling

  • Added ARRI LogC to Linear and Linear to ARRI LogC LUTs in VFX I/O

  • Addressed decoding of last frame in some Panasonic AVCHD clips

  • Improved handling of AVCHD .MTS clips

General Improvements

  • Alpha-numerical listing of codecs and format in the Deliver and Media Management pulldowns

  • When running DaVinci Resolve in window mode, the macOS dock is now visible

  • Improved latency for remote grading (Studio version)

  • Improved handling of dissolves and overlapping clips in DolbyVision metadata export (Studio version)

  • Improved behaviour when creating render jobs on locations without write permissions

  • General performance and stability improvements

Exciting stuff, better get started!

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