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Resolve 14

Updated: Mar 13

So DaVinci Resolve 14 is out (not sure what happened to 13…?) and it’s actually good.

As expected, it does have a lot of new editing features ideal for filmmakers on a budget but from a grade point of view, it also has some exciting new OpenFX features such as the 'Face Refinement' and the finishing 'Waper'.

I remember experimenting with Baselight at BVE and coming across some advanced tracking feature which allows you to refine and give a great 'finish' look to faces in no time at all. Baselight also has the option to use some cleaver wrap points to reshape any selected object… something I felt was missing from Resolve, well the great news is that Blackmagic has incorporated both of these features in Resolve 14.

Here is a little demo from LumaForge by colourist and best selling author of “Color Correction Handbook”and "Look Book", Alexis Van Hurkman.


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