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  • Sarina McCavana

DaVinci Resolve 15

DaVinci Resolve 15 is finally out (BETA only) and courtesey of Jigsaw24 I have been able to try out some of its exciting new features... reviewing my favourites here.

The first very impressive and super exciting addition to Resolve is the built in Fusion visual effects and motion graphics software. Not only is Fusion totally compatible with Resolve but it now has its own integrated tab, giving access to the complete 3D workspace with over 250 tools for compositing, vector paint, keying, rotoscoping and much more. Something we are very happy here at Lucide Post since we just got our copy of Fusion through the post 2 weeks ago and are about to integrate this to our pipeline… this is surely going to be time effective and improve our workflow considerably.

The other great improvement is within the whole HDR management and workflow processes.

After a few weeks of exploring the highs and lows of delivering HDR footage, it couldn’t be better timing, this version will allow colourists to work with wide colour space such as HD10+, HLG, Rec2020 and deliver HDR (finally metadata can be attached within Resolve! no need to use a third party software of the likes of Hybrid).

Full Raw files will be supported and many new Open FX have been added.

Here are some of the best ones I have been lucky to try out last week with the Jigsaw24 team.

The PlanarTracker1 - Using the same tech as Mocha, this will allow you to track flat areas (planes) of your footage and composite images or cleaned plates in no time, something like tracking a new phone display over an existing phone clip will be now achieved in a few minutes ! (saving another half day’s work in compositing !!)

The Patch Replacer - This will allow you to clone an area and track it over another area (with a degree of subtle blending in) a brilliant way of removing unwanted details and elements from your scene without going into Fusion or any other third party compositing application! More time and money saved all around…

The Noise Reduction - Resolve does have a built in denoiser however this new reduction tool will allow you to select the specific area you want to denoise and even track it! very impressive!

You can also now disable one or more nodes at the time by just clicking and dragging your curser over the selected nodes, a nice touch and this version of Resolve is full of it… making it certainly something to look forward to.

Obviously, the new DaVinci Resolve 15 also comes with many other new features, I won’t go into details now; such as multiple timeline layout, Sound Effect Library access, ADR Tools, built-in Fairlight Audio application and so on, so get ready and watch this space, Davinci Resolve 15 is the one!

In the meantime, another few cool tips from the Meisner Media team.

Theo’s top 3 new colour tools are:

1. Shared Color Nodes

2. Enhanced mode in Spatial NR

3. Realtime LUT previews


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