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Few simple DaVinci Resolve tricks

Like most freelancers, whilst the sun is shining I'm sadly not heading for the park or the beach, I spend it in front of my desk browsing for tricks of the trade that other nerdy freelancers kindly share online...erm (yeah OK, I'm probably a vampire too).

So the first one I'm going to share with you is from Casey Faris.

Transition Between Grades!

This little video shows how to make a quick and effective grade transition without having to add any nodes to your tree or key frame your grade.

Simple, easy and effective:

Don't forget to grab your free LUT from his youtube page too.

The other one is absolutely brilliant for simple clean up jobs! Something not many colourists will use, but yet again, so effective.

Basic Paint Cloning (yep, you can do this in Resolve!)

Another nice little video, from Igor Ridanovic.

And finally another very cool video from MiesnerMedia on how to Qualify Noisy Footage.

I love this, so simple yet so effective and no need to grind your system down with Neat Plugin if working with 6 or 8K footage either! Yay!

I hope your enjoy these! Sx

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