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Remote Grade in DaVinci Resolve 15.3

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

I was recently contacted by a couple of colourists who somehow had spotted one of my old blog on remote grading. At the time I posted my blog the workflow was a little different so with them in mind I thought it would be helpful to add an update on the subject.

This is an exact copy from the manual (March 2019), thanks to Blackmagic Design.


Currently, the remote grading feature supports only colour correction and does not allow editing or conforming during a session. The two colourist and remote DaVinci Resolve systems must have matching timelines and the number of clips, clip durations, and system resolutions must match. The requirements and limitations of a remote grading session are summarised below.

Requirements for Remote Grading

  • ‚ The following requirements must be met for remote grading to work.

  • ‚ The same version of DaVinci Resolve must be installed on both systems.

  • ‚ The display resolution must be the same on both systems.

  • ‚ The Timeline to be graded must be conformed on both machines prior to the start of the remote grading session.

  • ‚ The number of clips on the Timeline and the duration of each clip must be identical.

  • ‚ While grading, the active Timeline and versions on the remote client system are constantly updated. Creating, deleting, or switching the Timeline on the client’s DaVinci Resolve is not allowed. Doing so will terminate the remote grading session immediately.

  • ‚ You cannot make any grading adjustments on the remote client’s DaVinci Resolve workstation until the remote grading session has ended.

NOTE: Remote grading does not require a shared database.

Setting Up for Remote Grading

To start a remote grading session, the client’s DaVinci Resolve must be able to connect to the colourist’s system using TCP/IP.

  1. 1 Open DaVinci Resolve on the remote client’s workstation (the one that’s being remotely controlled), log in, and open the project that will be remotely graded.

  2. 2 Choose Workspace > Remote Grading (Ctrl-G) on the remote client’s workstation. A window is displayed with text fields to enter the IP address and port number of the colourist’s system.

  3. 3 Set the IP address field to the IP of the colourist’s DaVinci Resolve workstation. If the colourist’s system already has a public IP address, the port number can be left at its default value (15000). If the colourist’s system is on a private network, the colourist or their network administrator should set the port number to one on the public IP router that is internally routed to port 15000 of the colourist’s DaVinci Resolve.

  4. 4 Once the remote client clicks Connect, the client’s DaVinci Resolve system will attempt to establish a connection with the remote colourist’s workstation.

  5. 5 Once the connection is established, a pop-up appears on the colourist’s screen asking for permission to accept a Remote Grading connection.

  6. 6 Click OK to accept, minimize the size of this dialogue window, and continue grading normally.


The Remote Grading session will remain active until one of the users chooses to disconnect or an error occurs causing DaVinci Resolve to automatically terminate the session.

Remote Grading Restrictions

To allow operation over low bandwidth and a potentially long latency Internet connection there are some restrictions to remote operation.

  • ‚ When playback is started, the playback speeds on the two DaVinci Resolve systems may differ. The frame positions are only guaranteed to be synchronized when playback is stopped.

  • ‚ Input/output/display LUTs applied from the Config page on the colourist’s DaVinci Resolve will not have any effect on the client system. LUTs selected on the client’s DaVinci Resolve will be applied instead.

  • ‚ Presets applied from the Config/Color pages on the colourist’s system will not have any effect on the client’s system. Presets selected on the client’s DaVinci Resolve will be applied instead.

Note: I have not yet tested the remote grading workflow with the new DaVinci Resolve 16 (Beta version), there could be some improvements and or changes, please refer to their website for more info, thanks!


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