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  • Sarina McCavana

Remote Freelancers

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Since more and more companies are closing down their facilities until further notice due to the current pandemic, I figured this would be a good time to remind all clients, companies and creative agencies in need of remote freelancers that my partner and I can currently offer post-production services and a reliable and tested remote home facility.

Under the umbrella of our own company LucidePost, we offer services for broadcast, branded and commercial content. We can give your film the final polish that amplifies production values, helping it stand out. We can take on board an entire project, from Offline to Online, but if you require a specific service we offer: • Offline Edit • Conform / Edit to Grade • Grade • Invisible VFX / Clean-up • Logo removal • Aspect Ratio re-versioning • Screen / Sign replacement • Shot stabilisation • Camera / Object tracking • Motion graphics • Conform / Grade to Edit • Online Edit

We have a fully equipped home studio with two Macs, one dedicated to conforms /edits and VFX work and one for grades with the full DVR Studio, along with calibrated Flanders and Dreamcolour monitors (true 10bit), complete Tangent Element control surface and Blackmagicdesign UltraStudio 4K for 10bit 4K monitoring, as well as a good broadband connection (download 220Mb/s - upload 25Mb/s); although for larger projects, we usually work from a couriered drive that we ingest to our G-Raid Drives before any job starts.

Over the years we've worked with clients and major brands including…

Don't hesitate to get in touch for more info and or to discuss a project.

We are also in contact with a large network of freelancers, should your project requires a larger team of remote workers!

Wishing all the best to everyone!

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