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The Making of Us

Updated: May 12, 2023

I hope everyone is doing fine and staying positive at this time. For my part I have discovered the 'joy’ of juggling work, home-schooling, running zoom meetings and maintaining some kind of sanity routine! fun fun! Generally I have to admit that I don’t mind remote work, in fact it is something that I have always enjoyed even before COVID-19 forced companies to use remote freelancers. Working remotely allows you to work with people from all over the world, last week for example I was working with a team based both in the UK(producers), Spain(editor) and L.A. (client), once we had our momentum, taking time zones into consideration, everything else ran incredibly smoothly. Obviously this is quite an exceptional time, I certainly haven’t had as much work as I usually would so with a little more time on my hands I have enjoyed some precious family moments and great creative freedom too. I have also felt very humbled by the incredible work that many have done at the forefront, such as teachers and the NHS workers. This is why I'd like to share THE MAKING OF US, a short film I've had the pleasure of working on recently, done entirely by freelancers in lockdown. It's a very moving and positive film which spreads a lovely message of hope, so needed at this time. It was crafted with love, by a whole crew working probono in the hope to spread a bit of positivity and highlight all the good work the NHS is doing. It is narrated by Andy Serkis who kindly accepted to do this as well.

#ThreeMoreWeeks This could be the making of us. #nhsheroes Directed by Edward Salkeld Produced by Ramon Ricard Editing by Michelle Dimopoulos Sound Design by Guy Chase Written by Stuart Ian Woodall and Neil Matthews

Narrated by Andy Serkis. I hope you will enjoy this film as much as we have enjoyed being part of it. Please, feel free to share it. Keep safe! ...and like our dear Doc Brown* would say:”...your future is what you make it, so make it a good one!” *Back to the future

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