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Clio Winners

Updated: Jan 29

So this was a piece of lovely news to wake up to, one of the PR documentaries I have recently graded for Sony has won a Silver Clio Award for best original content.

"Returnal, Breaking Down The Cycle" was produced by Sony and was directed by Finnish screenwriter and film director Jarno Elonen.

From a colour grading point of you, the brief was to create a grade that would start from a naturalistic look and gradually shift into a much more stylized look in view of bridging the gap between reality and the game world.

Sony PlayStation Studios' cinematography was spot on and the film was beautifully edited in-house by Katy Alldred and Helen Rathbone.

It was a fun and rewarding film to grade and I am delighted for the whole team as well as hugely humbled to have played a small part in its production. Well done to the whole Playstation team, they fully deserve this!

Only four months into 2022 and already it feels like this year is going to be another good one!

From automotive content, music videos, and short horror films, to sports documentaries and TV series, LucidePost is gearing up toward another busy few months!

More to come, watch this space!

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