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In with the new...

Updated: Mar 12

There we are, remote working has become the norm and once again online content is proving to still be as inspiring and fresh as ever to work on.

To illustrate this I'd like to share this Norton - 360 for Gamers advert for anti-virus software featuring rap artist Che Lingo, that I recently graded for ReduxContent and The Elephant Room.

Brace yourself... fast spill!

As well as online content, I graded another fun project I'd like to mention; Jack Spring director's cut: Life In No League, a prelude to his up and coming comedy TV pilot "The Club"

The story focuses on the volunteers who serve as the heartbeat for a non-league football club. A well-observed comedy worth keeping in mind, watch this space!

And to keep with the theme of enjoyable projects, I have been thrilled to take part in the Digital Orchard Group Foundation's Colour presentation for 104Films, supported by Screenskills, collaborating with well-established colourist and mentor Michelle Cort, @ Cort in Colour.

Part funding body, part lobbying group, part training & networking facilitator, the Digital Orchard Foundation is designed to both pump-up and streamline the incredible work to support underrepresented groups happening in film and television, as well as to fill the gaps in current provision through new events, advocacy and training.

That's all for now, stay positive!

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