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Let's Dance...

Updated: Mar 12

As we say goodbye to the summer, this feels like a good time to run through some of the work LucidePost has been up to as we came out of lockdown.

On one hand, Lucide Post celebrated 3 years of existence in June, and on the other, I've been working my little socks off and would love to share some funky and quirky numbers done over the last 3 months.

It all kicked off with some grading work for M&C Saatchi on this series of online content, part of a wider campaign produced by the Home Office to encourage understanding of the weird and wonderful things we find on the internet.

'Sometimes the Internet gets Weird', features ex-footballer Jimmy Bullard and famous English Bulldog Chester, still available on the Urban Paw website.

This was followed by a long run of work with Vice on various lifestyle projects; from a series of Arty and Crafty Vice i-D and Levis films, some cool upcycling tips from Adidas... its more recent Grant's Whisky series, which I'm going to expend on a little...

This series was launched globally back in August, and presents an inspiring and original view of ways to help your friends through life's little hurdles, from a living statue teaching you 'How to switch off' in Greece, to trendy Columbian barbers teaching 'Ways to open up' or a comedian testing his set on the street of Johannesburg to 'Win people over', to name but a few. (related article)

Whilst the content was great to work on, grading this project was also pretty epic, from the main stories, which included product and non-product versions, to various language cut-downs, some with presenters and some without, to socials. This project was vast and grading all its content was a solid run of fun and rewarding work.

From collaborations to teamwork, it had it all.

In fact, the talented and well established Michelle Cort joined the Vice team to grade a couple of episodes ('How to appreciate music' and ' Be yourself') whilst I had the opportunity to venture into Virtual Post 's new facilities in Brighton to grade 'The Great Hammerhead Stakeout' documentary for Discovery+ and Big Wave productions. An action packed wildlife documentary mixing scientific research and adventure together as part of Discovery's Shark week.

I will conclude my post to say that after a year of standing still, it is brilliant to see the industry thriving again.

From my part, I have certainly enjoyed the more global, yet remote approach to work.

It provides so many new opportunities for creatives, from international collaborations to better work-life balance, let's hope some of these positives remain moving forward.

And since I am writing about international work, I'd like to end my blurb by mentioning Mika's performance of 'Heroes', graded in the summer as well, which was released to launch his Beirut Tour to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the Beirut explosion.

To all those true heroes out there!

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