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Artificial intelligence curated art: Recognition

I recently graded a couple of short films for a fascinating project using Microsoft developed Recognition technology. This complex mathematical software is currently used by the Tate and incorporates multiple artificial intelligence technologies such as:

Object recognition, a process for identifying specific objects. Its algorithms rely on matching, learning or identifying patterns using appearance based or feature based analysis.

Facial recognition, a process for identifying human faces. In addition to locating the human in an image, it also determines the age, gender and emotional state of each subject it finds.

Composition recognition, a process for identifying prominent shapes and structures, visual layout and colours.

Context recognition, a process which analyses the titles, dates, tags and descriptions associated with each image. By reading this text, it also learns how to write a caption for each match.

Each images with close similarities from each of these categories have been selected as match and displayed in the RECOGNITION gallery of the Tate Britain, something worth a visit...

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