Simplified HDR workflow in DVR

March 23, 2018

It's amazing how my job always bring me something new and fascinating to learn... The most exciting project I worked on recently that illustrate this is actually a project for a major entertainment company, testing HDR for the game industry.


But in a nutshell, it has brought me face to face with HDR footage at his best and I can officially say... I am totally fascinated.


Nothing has been more rewarding and beautiful to work with... it's like painting with light and shadows, a real treat!


The catch at this stage is to find a workflow that works for you... so I though I coud share the one I worked out in order to work from my home set up...


1. I emulated a beautiful HDR grading environment with my Dreamcolour monitor (set to Rec 2020), thanks to Mystery Box* ( I do recommend to start with the OLED Sony BVM -X300 if you can to set the benchmarks and work down from there).
2. I imported the Raw HDR footage into DaVinci Resolve, set my colour space to Rec 2020, scoped to HDR St 2084 (although I worked in HLG to avoid any Dolby Vision Royalty issues down the line)

3.Set up to 1000nits*
4. I worked with R3d files so I also set my raw tab to clip and used a custom HDR preset, you can also use existing HDR LUTs or create a bezier curve to emulate the HDR gamma curve. 

*with MaxFall in mind I kept my highlights and shadows in check.


And that was it... I hope this helps and you enjoy your HDR grading process as much as I did...

Feel free to drop me a line if you want for more details on my DVR settings. thanks. 





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