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Tog Studios

I recently completed a series of colour grading jobs for GreenRock TV; a central London production company with one foot in Soho and one in Fitzrovia.

Greenrock is a content creation agency working the world over on a wide range of projects, from broadcast commercials and documentaries to online content.

One of the jobs I did for them was to grade a short promo for TOG Studios; Greenrock's very own TV studios recently opened right in the heart of London.

TOG Studios provides the perfect environment for creating broadcast-quality briefings, commercials, talk shows, studio sessions, and podcasts. Their fully-flexible packages include all the kit, sets, crew, and post-production support to suit all production ideas, as well all the premium touches that come with The Office Group’s trademark hospitality.

As well as taking this opportunity to share my work, I'd like to also promote Tog Studios, a brilliant all-inclusive central London Studio, Welcome to Tog Studios.

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