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Lucide Post : Celebrating 6 months!

Six months ago James and I launched a boutique size post production company, Lucide Post.

A great leap forward that so far has seen us work with some fantastic new clients as well as existing ones; on international productions as well as UK based. Admittedly, we have learnt a great deal working on such internationally managed productions, and we are delighted to embrace remote working as part of our regular workflow, saving clients time and money. With a solid set up; UltraStudio 4K, Flanders, full Tangent control surface and Resolve 15 for colour grading, we offer clients a perfectly accurate HD, 2K, 4K workflow.

And as well as professional editing James also offers clean ups/ invisible FX such as removing unwanted objects and imperfections, sign replacement, rotoscoping, animatics, tracking, chroma keying and motion graphics work.

Check out our showreels and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions regarding forthcoming work or just want to say hi! Our glass is raised, Cheers!

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