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After weeks of isolation, I have found that being in lockdown has offered me the opportunity to be rather productive. Whilst work has certainly not been has busy as it would usually be for this period of the year, I have really enjoyed having time to do online tutorials, thanks to Lowepost, or follow inspiring Webinars and talks, thanks to The DOTS and in/development for their brilliant series in/deep featuring top creatives; and most of all, I have finally had time to enjoy a good read.

One of my favourite features on the Wired website by Kassia St Clair and is titled The science of colour is upending our relationship with screens.

Kassia's article starts by exploring how we interact with colours and screens, looking at the phone game Specimen, an addictive, minimalist design game about color perception, and then moves towards more in depth and scientific views of colour.

I found this article refreshing and fascinating which is why I wanted to share it, I hope you will enjoy it too.

Kassia is also author of another good read, The Secrets Lives of Color, a book she published in 2016, about some of "the most alluring, thought-provoking" and fascinating colour stories throughout history.

All worth reading if you find the time, keep safe.

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