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  • Sarina McCavana

Being a woman in Post

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

To work in the media industry has always required a lot of determination, focus and hard work.

If you are part of the lucky few who gets in through the door of any established facilities and can make your way up, that's wonderful; work hard and keep going and if not, don't give up and carry on making your own opportunities, which is what I did, because you never know, you might still be able to push these doors open at any moments if you are still determined and prepared to learn. Don't be afraid to fall, and if you do, dust yourself off and carry on.

And if you are a woman, it may seem even more challenging at times, since like most industries, the media still struggles with gender equality. But hopefully this is something that will change over the few years to come.

As well as being honored to join Digital Orchard's colourist roster recently I was also delighted to be joining the Primetime Network, a centralised global database of women working in the media industry which I'd like to share with all the hard working women out there!

Please join if you are a professional woman already working in the industry, one woman at the time, we might finally change the gender inequality of our industry!

Let's turn the media industry into a great creative environment for women and men alike to collaborate and be creative. Trust me, together we bring more to the table!!

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