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Lucide Post, it's all about the grade...

Updated: Jan 3

Hey there,

While some may know, over the past couple of years, our humble remote LucidePost boutique studio has been dedicated mainly to providing colour grading services. For one, this is mostly because I took full ownership of the company when James was offered a spot too good to resist and decided to jump ship in 2020. He rejoined the amazing game-centric ICHI Team at the peak of the Covid period, taking on the role of full-time VFX senior motion graphic artist.

And since then, it's been full steam ahead on colour, leaving little time to update the LucidePost website.

But the good news is, I'm thrilled to share that I've finally given it the attention it deserves.

LucidePost: is all about the grade, and I've spiced up the content to make it more official too.

In fact, I've cut two new showreels to showcase the wider range of colour work I now cover – from ads and commercials to documentaries and much more.

Take your pick, and as always, feedback is more than welcome.

Commercials, Branded Content, Ads...

TV, Documentaries...

With a big shoutout to all the fantastic clients, colleagues, and brilliant talents I've had the privilege to meet and collaborate with along the way. One word – †hanks!

A plus! ✌️ x

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