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All About the Games

Whether it's about the love of our favourite sport or the love of exhilarating immersive entertainment, it's often about the thrill of the game. This is the theme of some of my most recent colour work.

Moment of Truth, "defining stories of the Fifa World Cup", is a 10-part docuseries that "examines the world's favourite sport through the lens of human endeavour: Why do we care so much about the game?" to find out more check this series out on Sony Pictures Television, SonyLiv

As a docuseries, it is about bringing the old archives to life and keeping the live footage real, not forcing the colours and keeping the natural flow of each story... warning, sneaky sample:

Destiny 2: Heroes Welcome

Produced by Ichi Worldwide, this Destiny 2: Heroes Welcome Campaign is bringing real heroes to the front, featuring Solar Flair, Uhmaayyze and a few more heroes.

As with most computer game trailers and films, it's about being as faithful as possible to the existing game palette and or chosen mood board... in this case, Destiny 2, Heroes Welcome.

Game on!

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