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Grade to Music

Updated: Mar 13

So I secretly play bass (badly!), sing, and absolutely love music. In fact, when the job allows me, there will always be something playing in the background.

Some of my all-time favorite artists tend to come from labels like 4AD, Ninja Tune, Domino Recording Company, and Blue Flowers to more obscure ones.

So to have the opportunity to work with Fashion / Music photographer and director Jamie Sinclair on this "Live From Elsewhere" music video performance for the independent up-and-coming band Mylar was a real treat.

The grade was fun; Jamie had a great picture of the band he took with a Fujifilm camera and said, can we make this film look like this, and off we went... The picture had some slight shouty reds and faded neon highlights similar to the ones you find in the classic 'Twin Peaks' red room, perfect to highlight the band's beautiful dissonant tones you hear in their otherworldly melodies.

Twin Peaks, red room.

Twin Peaks, red room.

The band's music was brilliant to work to and hopefully, the grade does it justice. Here are a few snapshots from it... and for more on the band and Blue Flowers label click here

Mylar, live from elsewhere, Director Jamie Sinclair and Producer Chelia Batkin

A bientot!

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