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  • Sarina McCavana

From 2019 into 2020

Updated: Mar 13

As much as I am happy to have said my goodbyes to 2019, I’d like to celebrate all the positives that have come from it.

2019 was a great year for networking and new collaborations.

(some of the highlights)…include, 2019 commercial work for Nike, o2 Music, Nissan, Uber,

Change Inc (Vice), Votch, rflct for iPhone, DFS, Kleenex

and broadcast and TV Network projects for E Viasat Explore, BBC Four and Red Bull TV. A string of beautiful short films for various online campaigns such as Pride Comes In All Colours and the Antares Barcelona campaign.

As well as more socially engaged projects such as the feature length documentary 'Lost Youth', environmental film ‘Choker’ andFuturist Women, a short collaborative film directed by Artist-filmmaker Eelyn Lee, selected to open the 16 Days 16 Films short films initiative aimed at addressing issues around gender, equality and discrimination. (supported by Modern Films, The Kering Foundation and the UK SAYS NO MORE campaign).

Yes, 2019 was a full year, filled with brilliantly unexpected collaborations and inspiring projects.

With the support of the relentless team of talent agents and training providers at Soho Editors and the ongoing effort to reach out to new businesses and people done under the umbrella of our own company LucidePost, 2019 has been another successful year.

I have met and worked with a string of inspirational people, such as Swedish filmmaker Teodora Berglund, Greek-British director Andreas Dermanis, British filmmaker Eelyn Lee, cinematographer Laura Bellingham to name but a few, and joined some exciting new companies and networks which I am looking forward to collaborating with throughout this new year, such as RawPost (Raw Collective), Digital Orchard and PrimeTime Network.

Bring on 2020, a new year, a new decade all about embracing the 'new', being open to fresh opportunities, whilst staying tuned with current issues like climate change, pollution awareness (work in post), addressing gender equality in the creative industry (watch this space!) and mental health (work in production).

And on this note, I wish you all a very happy and productive new year!

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