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Updated: Feb 28, 2023

In a few days, Lucide Post will be celebrating its third anniversary!

Something we are very proud of, considering the incredibly challenging year we've been through.

But Lucide Post is certainly making up for lost time, with the grading suite fully booked this May, I've been super excited to work on some really cool projects alongside fantastic clients and talented people.

From a haunting PS5 dev diary to worthwhile charity campaigns, the Lucide Post grading suite has been spinning those wheels.

Here are previews of some of the work I'm allowed to share but watch this space as I will be updating the blog with some fresh content very soon...

In the meantime, let's get into the mood of a dark and twisted story with this unique gradually changing atmosphere.

Moving away from a dreary forest to the East London docklands with a tobacco grade for this stylish campaign for the Barts Charity #WearTheBadge

The other work I would like to share this month from Lucide post; is from the other half of the company, James.

Before COVID hit all of us, James, who has also joined ICHI as a Senior Motion Artist earlier this year, worked on Last Night in Soho, Edgar Wright's latest movie, which will soon play in most re-opened cinemas!

Time to grab your bucket of popcorn and enjoy this chilly ride!

James created animatics and previs for specific VFX heavy scenes of the film.

From animatics to the big screen...

Out in theatres this October!

That's all for now! more at:

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